Missing Doctor Who stamp Peter CushingI’ve managed to resist getting back into stamp collecting, although the album of British stamps I got together as a kid still sits there on the shelf to tempt me. But checking the new set of Doctor Who stamps just out, I really dislike a job half done. Or in this case 11/12ths done! I appreciate the GPO (or Consignia or whatever they’re called now) were probably leaned on big time by the BBC but for many kids in the sixties, the big screen Peter Cushing adaptation – in colour too – was unforgettable. So shame on the post office and here’s the missing design to print off on your HP desktop machine…  Now, about that set of Dr. Who’s assistants for 2014?



3 thoughts on “Missing Doctor Who

  1. He wasn’t part of the series, he played a human called Dr Who who invented a time machine. He wasn’t an alien from Gallifrey so not the Doctor.

  2. But he wasn’t a BBC creation and he never actually played The Doctor, he played a human called Dr. Who.

    Those films were only as much Doctor Who as BBC Sherlock is an original Arthur Conan Doyle book.

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