Comsat Angels group

Just a line to remember guitarist Simon Anderson, who has died of cancer.  Although Simon had been involved in the Sheffield music scene for many years, it was as a member of The Comsat Angels that we first bumped into him.  The Comsats had been trying to pull themselves back out of several years of enforced inactivity with a new album when their original bass player decided to retire from live work. Terry Todd came in on bass and at the same time they decided to recruit Simon to help fill out the sound and take a bit of pressure off lead singer / guitarist Steve Fellows.
Never easy to come into a band with such a long history (and which had been there and done it to a large degree) but musically it worked pretty well.  They cut just one album with this new line-up, The Glamour. A stunning indie rock offering (if indie rock is sufficient to cover such complex, noisy and soaring tracks), it was largely neglected by the music press and never really got heard much outside the hard-core fan base. It was massively frustrating for us as a label so goodness only know what it felt like to the band. They struggled on for a time with some great live shows, including I remember an absolutely storming set at The Mean Fiddler in London, but called it a day soon after.
I helped put the sleeve together and did the band photography, which involved hand-held available light photoshoots at their rehearsal rooms with Tri-X film and nearby on waste land.  The band perhaps over-concious of not being hip young things any more, it was hard to find a frame all could agree on, and only a couple of shots ever got ‘approved’ – above is one of them, with Simon on the right.


2 thoughts on “Simon Anderson

  1. Glad I found this I have not seen this photo before and it’s nice to know that Simon and the Comsat’s are still remembered . Hilary-

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