Sky Edge Sheffield flats demolition

Sheffield has had some amazing social housing, alongside a few less successful experiments. Obviously the Park Hill development is high on the list, though while the recent refurbishment to some of the blocks there was long overdue, the glitzy approach (and the emptying of most of the complex) shows very little respect for the original vision (and one does wonder how they got permission for this on such an important a listed building).
Other blocks have suffered worse. The photograph here is one I took on the Sky Edge development when a large chuck of it was razed in the 1980s. Given it was only around 25 years old, it was a ludicrous waste of resources (and environmentally disastrous as well). The council seem to love doing this, witness the debacle over the Don Valley stadium or Stocksbridge leisure centre.
The rest of Sky Edge was given a badly coloured cosmetic cladding, a fate which has now befallen all our tower blocks.


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