Two young girls drinking pop through straws, 1940s

A small discarded snapshot, probably taken by a parent of their two young daughters out on some picnic back in the late forties or maybe even just pre-war.  For my money this is as good an image as anything taken by the big boys for Picture Post or the like. It’s a always a little sad to find images like this, effectively discarded by any remaining family.
It was printed on that once fashionable photographic paper with the textured surface.  Copying was difficult as the indents in the paper surface caught the light. In the end I scanned the image in two different orientations and then blended these together as a starting point for the restoration.
The bottles of pop would really help to date the photo. There isn’t enough detail to tell the maker’s name, though I can see both girls have chosen a different flavour pop.  The bottles are decorated with moulded patterns of leaves, which reminds me of the old Rose’s Lime Juice bottles, but I don’t know if they ever did carbonated soft-drinks.

2 thoughts on “Young girls with pop

  1. That’s poignant. A shame we’ll never know who they were (are?) and what they were doing, where they were and what they were drinking. It looks like Limeade on the right but a quick online search for vintage limeade bottle images turned nothing up.

    • No, I’ve not seen any bottles looking like that. Someone could probably write a whole short story based around the photo…

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