The Ramones live 1978

Dee Dee / The Ramones

Tina Weymouth, Talking Heads, 1979

Tina Weymouth / Talking Heads

Growing up immersed in old school progressive and underground rock the Punk scene took a while to get any perspective on, but the American New Wave offered something a little less calculating somehow. I was lucky enough to see Talking Heads and The Ramones a number of times. Here are two shots from that era which I found recently. Two very different bands in many ways but both managed to break out in the UK first.


2 thoughts on “Two sides of Punk

    • I saw them on that tour as well, up at Sheffield University Union (that well designed sixties building they are currently maiming big time with a tarty looking refurbishment). I had only gone to see Talking Heads, it was their first headline tour, so I had no idea who or what Dire Straits were. I must confess we stuck a couple of numbers, dismissed them as a bunch of lumberjacks (they had check shirts on!) and dodged off to try and get autographs off Talking Heads – at which we were successful. As we weren’t students, we had to get signed in as guests too. The refectory was a great place for bands and audiences alike.

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