Mercifully the passion for recycled pine everything seems to be easing off, though you do wonder how this love of over-clunky and badly stained furniture lasted so long. And indeed what will happen to it all in years to come, as not only is it going out of fashion but has and will never have any antique status or value whatsoever. Chairs with ham-fisted turnings and the names of loved ones gouged into the frame ‘for no extra charge’
jphnny depp painting pine furniture

Anyhow, I was passing a shop full of the stuff in Halifax a few years ago (Falcon Pine – it’s still there, right next to, um, North Bridge Pine) and found myself drawn to some of the curious props they were using to ‘set-off’ the furniture.  The owner had clearly taken pity on some local artist and a display of their paintings featuring celebrities took pride of place, of which this example stood out.
From across the road I struggled; Freddie Mercury perhaps? A young Terence Stamp? Braving the town’s suicidal inner-city ring road system, the caption suggested Johnny Depp. Personally I think Vanessa Paradis has done the right thing if this is a good likeness.
The gibbon on the chair next to it looks to have the right idea. You do wonder if whoever set up the window had a sense of humour after all. And indeed whether a ten year old Daniel ever bothered to collect his chair.


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