It’s almost a year ago since I posted this. Given the media frenzy over the recent image of England flags in Rochester I thought I would stick it on the front page again!

England flag, London Road, SheffieldThis early Victorian townhouse stands at the city end of London Road in Sheffield, a last vestige of a once much longer row (there were three properties left until recently but we’re down to two now). Ron Harrison’s famous camera shop used to be next door (still going but in a newer building across the road) and this particular building was a pub for many years, though for the life of me I can’t remember the name.  Few people would want to live on such a noisy main street today by choice, though that hasn’t stopped them flooding the area with cheap student flats, but it’s a shame the buildings couldn’t be put to some use as a reminder of the original streetscape.
I’m not sure when the door was painted up as an England flag, or by who, and probably passed by a few times before I noticed it. Whether it’s a defiant statement of some sort, facing out the many non-English fast-food outlets across the road, or was done during the last football tournament, I don’t know. It probably won’t last long; builders are inside and the original 100year old windows will doubtless be skipped for cheap plastic double glazing as has happened next door because nobody will enforce some kind of restoration notice on the owner.

I did a bit of hunting, and it turns out this was the Albion Pub prior to 2010, which probably explains the door!  It was sold prior to auction in with a guide price of £150K (snap below from the estate agent’s site).  Seems little enough for a piece of history. It has been ‘converted’ into an 8-bedroom student house.

Albion Pub sheffield


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