warning signOfficial notices on our preserved historic buildings are often bland and non-descript, so it was a bit of a treat to come across these signs when visiting an old industrial building during the summer.  On arrival the site clearly seemed to be looked after by someone with a sense of humour at odds with the usual blazer clad volunteers, and once we’d found our guide, and he’d got dressed (!) we had great fun being shown round.
SONY DSCIt was in what passed for a car-park that these home-made signs caught our eye, improvised on ‘rescued’ roadwork notices. The car-park was rudimentary and difficult to access from the road, hence the ‘risk of grounding’ notice near the entrance. A nod to health and safety may have prompted the ‘Wild bees stay well back’ warning (though naturally it had exactly the opposite effect). The last of the trio was the hard to resist offer of a piece of performance art by the guide himself.
SONY DSCI have a sneaking suspicion that the heritage owners would be happy to see this less than reverential approach to history eradicated, so for that reason I’m not going to mention the location. Long may Chris ze miller continue to enjoy his idyllic little spot (and lets hope the local highways agency don’t do too many audits!).


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