Old Victorian Chemist door sign.

Our high streets are so homogenised these days that the occasional glimpse of how our shop fronts used to be is worth dwelling on.  I found this sign adorning the door of an old chemist’s shop in one of our Norfolk coastal towns. The shop is still full of the old shelves too but is up for sale, so will doubtless be pulled apart once the recession ends. For now though it remains a fascinating survival, one of those properties you feel like chucking everything in for and buying just to keep it from being ruined.
The original early Victorian door has been painted and repainted over the years to build up a thick gloss green finish you can almost see your face in. To it at some time in the fifties the owner has added this hand-painted hardboard sign, screwed into the woodwork. It survived right through until the business closed.
I don’t know about elsewhere but round here we are now encouraged to email in our prescription requests, and on turning up at the pharmacy find they’ve either been lost or forgotten, so we have to reorder and come back another day.  Progress.

Here’s another shop front sign from more recent times.


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