Macdonalds paper cup

Sometimes you just wish McDonald’s customers would stop taking the company’s ‘sharing’ message quite so literally, flinging their nasty little screwed up bundles of greasy paper out of car windows the length and breadth of the country.  This cup had ended up wedged under a chain link fence in an industrial / retail park on the outskirts of Leeds when I saw it, adding a splash of colour to an otherwise drab scene while I mooched around waiting for Ikea to try and find a replacement screw for a long out of production flat-pack bathroom unit. Three hours we spent there in total.  Then when I got back home and started trying to cobble a working solution together with a pile of non-standard odds and ends the staff had kindly rescued from their store room, the missing original parts turned up behind the waste pipe… Memo to self, finish a job once started.

As if adding insult to injury, I also discovered the LCD screen on the back of my camera had taken a knock and was no longer working when I got home…


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