open up sheffield easy on the eye 2014

Upcycling, recycling, reusing, pre-owned, pre-loved. Whatever it’s called this week, Easy On The Eye have been at it for years. So when I thought it would be interesting to produce a few postcards of my current prints to go with Open Studio day they needed something to be displayed in.  Happily a couple of years ago I was scrounging round an old seaside photographer’s building (with the permission of the bemused owner who ran a gift shop and had probably never even ventured upstairs).  There were lots of those wire racks you see outside shops, but room in the car was very limited and a lifesize panel of 1920s bathing beauties (which had been reused as a door panel!) had precedence.  Then I spotted this wooden rack. Clearly handmade for the shop back in the 1930s to sell postcards from, it still had the little gummed price labels for 2d and 3d at the top.  It fitted on the back seat.

At home I quickly wrapped and sealed it as there was signs of woodworm.  Now treated, I cut up a piece of the vintage Snaps Gift Shop wrapping paper I had also rescued to the top of the rack to add a bit of context to the artifact.  Thread some picture wire round the back and job done.

There are some more images of the Easy studio area as it was for Open Studio this year on the site.

More on the photographer Mr. Snaps on my photography pages.


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