easy on the eye open up artists studio 2015

Decorated Punk 035 / National Cutlery Union / Album Care


Two shots of the Easy On The Eye studio as it looked for Open Up Artists at May Bank Holiday this year (2015).  The weather was not great for the Sunday but much better on the actual Bank Holiday, which encouraged people to get out more.  Over fifty people came to look at the work and chat.  Most of the prints were new ones done over the last twelve months, plus a couple of older ones that seemed to work properly alongside them. I’d never been fully happy with the prints showing old 78 sleeves, but cutting them up and framing each sleeve individually worked well so I showed those as well. I’ll post the rest of the new prints on this site over the next few weeks, National Cutlery Union is already up, as is Price of Wales Road, both seen in the photos.
It was good to hear a few chuckle at the Obigatory Henderson’s Relish print, and find a few people who seemed to really get what the work was all about.  I did send the local paper one of my prints (Lemfizz Cube – you can see the print on this site) and the story behind it, which they devoted half a page to (much to my surprise, it must have been a slow news day) and a note about the event. It wouldn’t be Open Up without at least one bizarre visitor; this year a chap poled up five minutes before closing time, asked me if it was closing time, dashed round the room and then as he rushed off asked me the whereabouts of the next nearest studio…  maybe he was on a sponsored challenge to get round as many as possible on the day.  You can see images from the 2014 event on the site.

Lemfizz / Prince Of Wales Road / Album Spines / Smugglers Records

Lemfizz / Prince Of Wales Road / Album Spines / Smugglers Records


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