rusty nails

I am mad enough when dismantling old bits of furniture to rescue the screws when possible, so I have some ‘Made in England’ ones for important jobs. Nails are much less easy to reuse, especially monster 6″ ones such as the ones which held this old rafter timber in place in our property for some forty years. I’ve come to realise that the builders back in the Sixties made extensive use of the large nail, everything from the skirting boards to door frames was simply anchored by bashing nails into the breeze block.
This timber was recycled by us in the garage for another decade but came out during new boiler work this year.  As I was knocking them through prior to getting the jemmy on them to prepare the timber for a third recycling the nails looked great against the sky. The final image really plays with scale and reminded me off the sort of materials you find on old sea-defences.


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