These days I get fed-up of turning over pottery to see “Designed in England” on the base, with a tiny “Made in China” tucked away on the packaging somewhere. No such issues when these maker’s marks were applied though. They are from a trio of old Victorian shop display butter dishes. I found these in the cellars of a couple of old shops during “slum” clearance work in the eighties but they’ve been in storage more or less ever since, so was happy to let them go to a collector, but had to photograph the backs before they went.

Grimwades Stoke On Trent

The Avery logo at the top is particularly ornate, with a long twisting ribbon containing their name and headquarters, with the names of numerous factories or warehouses worked in to the design. From there to the relative simplicity of the Grimwades factory mark from Stoke On Trent, though the ribbon is still there, circumnavigating a globe.

Parnall and Sons Bristol
And finally the boxed (in the shape of a weight?) Parnall and Sons mark, based in London but with their works at Bristol.  Whether Parnall actually made this themselves or outsourced it to somewhere in Stoke I’m not sure. It’s possible these dishes were sold as adjuncts to the company’s main business making weighing scales of all types and sizes.  Butter, margarine and potted meat would have been displayed on the dish, then weighed out for each customer as required.


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