Williams Confectionery ghost sign Sheffield

A couple more ghost signs which continue to fascinate.  The Williams Confectioners one has been revealed following the removal of a poster billboard a couple of years ago, but I only just got around to photographing it.  Given the current owners of the building are smartening it up, I suspect they will paint over it before long. The billboard protected the painted sign quite well, with only the last letters having faded away completely. White and black, with a green shadow colour, it must have been very striking when new.
It’s the the Hillsborough suburb of Sheffield, but whether Williams once manufactured their high class confectionery there or not I don’t know. I’m half tempted to try and restore the missing letters digitally though the S would be a challenge!

Ghost sign Toys sweets tobacco

I was scooting into Manchester when I spotted the second much smaller ghost sign just a couple of weeks ago.  I actually stopped to photograph a couple of club posters on the shop front (the designers of which had lifted the typography from those 70s Top Of The Pops sleeves) and then saw this on the side of the shop. I can’t make out the top word, but Tobacco, Toys and Sweets is still just about visible. Nice inverted circular corners to the sign, and from the typography it looks late C19 to me.

There is an older post of a Daltons Cornflakes ghost sign in Bridlington on the site.


2 thoughts on “High class confectionery

  1. Signwriting (of a hand drawn not printed kind) has been making a bit of a comeback lately, but I have been tempted to document some of these myself before they disappear.

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