Dysons factory Sheffield Hendersons RelishThe Sheffield Printmakers group have their annual Print Fair this coming Saturday, October 24th, running from 10.00am to 5.00pm.  The venue is The Workstation, rooms next door to the Showroom art cinema on Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX.  The Fair runs alongside an exhibition of work in all types of print by the group in the adjoining room which ends on Saturday after the Fair.  The Fair itself is an opportunity to buy limited edition work by the artists taking part.  I will be at the Fair showing a number of prints, and will be happy to discuss any aspect of the work.
I missed last year’s fair, but the one before had lots of interesting images from a number of local artists on show and for sale. If anyone is interested in joining the group the website is at http://sheffieldprintmakers.com/  I also see they now have a Facebook site, we learn something new every day!
After this I will be having a one-person show in a Sheffield centre exhibition / cafe starting in December and more details of this will follow once I have a confirmed opening date.  It will run through into next year.  I plan to show some newer work here.
The new print on this page is my anti-homage to Henderson’s Relish, a locally produced condiment.  It seems that any artist working in the city is now legally obliged to do a work honouring this sauce, which is revered by many, mainly as it’s been produced now for over 100 years. I spotted this older bottle abandoned on the canteen floor of a derelict factory and used a special tripod to photograph it from above (along with other odds and ends in the room).  The print has been developed from these photos.  I have had to put the title over the print just in case anyone feels I’m riding the Hendos trend!
You can read more and see some other new work here.



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