Sheffield printmaker's fair 2015The Sheffield Printmaker’s Fair last Saturday was an interesting experience.  Never having done one of these events before it did feel a bit strange having people wander past inspecting your work.  But it didn’t take long to see that some of the people visiting got the work completely, others were simply confused and quickly passed on!  The downside of the event was the relatively poor footfall, despite some really excellent work on show from twenty or so print makers. Hopefully they can get the publicity sorted properly for the next one.

It was also an excuse for me to try out my new iPhone5 and get it synched up to iPhotos properly.  My last iPhone was a hand-me-down which had seen a lot of wear from it’s much younger owner (hello Daisy!), and the camera lens seemed to have dirt under it which while theoretically possible to get at and clean looked a bit risky to me.  The new one is pristine and while I will certainly stick to the DSLR for ‘proper’ photographs (the limitations of the iPhone images quickly become clear when you look at them full size), this will I’m sure be handy for those moments when hauling out a dirty great camera is neither appropriate or necessary.  So here are a couple of shots of the table as we got it set up.

Sheffield printmaker's fair 2015

There is another open to all artists Print Fair in Sheffield on November 14th at St. Marty’s Church.  I’m not attending this one, but have been in the past and it’s well worth a visit. Hopefully I can get my act together for their next one.  I think there are over 40 stands and it does get pretty busy with pre-Christmas shoppers.



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