Esy On The Eye Blue Moon cafe exhibition

The Easy On The Eye exhibition is now in place at the Blue Moon Café Gallery in Sheffield, sited next to the cathedral in the city centre, on St. James Street. It will be up until the first week of March. It was actually in situ before Christmas but I was so busy with projects that I haven’t had time to promote it until now. The prints include new work and some popular images, with captions to explain how they came about. My thanks to the Cupola Gallery in Sheffield who have promoted this exhibition and of course to the Blue Moon Café (which is open until late.)  Sadly I also ran out of time to try and project one of the images onto the facade of the building, but will have a go at this some time.

The prints on show are also on this site in one of the three print galleries. Read more about the old building on this site.


3 thoughts on “Easy On The Eye Exhibition

  1. Hi Simon,
    I took time today to drop in Bluemoon to check out your prints. Nice work! They look so much better than in the photographs. It wasn’t clear from the photographs I’ve seen of some of your prints the amount of work you put into producing them. The Stanley Street print looked great and you put a lot of effort in to get the final image. Equally there was a lot of work in the bottle crates full of records although you don’t need me to tell you that!
    I was pleased I made the effort to call in today.
    One thing that I’ll note, not as a criticism but rather as an observation is that I didn’t think it was terribly clear whose work it all is. Perhaps it is me and maybe somewhere your name is there clear and bold and maybe I missed it. I only noticed your signature which isn’t as legible as something typed. The exhibition has some time to run so maybe it would be worth adding a card to the wall somewhere near where people queue up for food to give you a little more exposure. The card could credit you as the artist and also offer the URL for your website. The Cupola gallery is there loud & clear enough but I felt that you as the artist was a little undersold. My observation is well intended and I think it is important for people to associate artwork with the artist and not just the gallery representing them. I’m sure you have a good relationship with the Cupola gallery and I know they have positive relationships with all their artists so please don’t think my comment is anything other than as it reads. I simply felt many people might see your work and leave the cafe without an association to your name.
    Best wishes, Mr Cafe 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments Mr. C. Much appreciated. There is as you say a huge amount of work goes into each final image which not everyone will pick up on (nor should they necessarily!). I must confess I’m not that great at promoting my work, but had hoped there were enough mentions of the website etc. on the captions for people to visit here if they wish to. There were also confusions over how long the work would be up for which didn’t help, if I’d known they were going to keep it up for longer I could have contacted more magazines, etc.

      • There may well have been more mentions of you and your website than I actually noted and hopefully you will have seen a bit more traffic to your site.
        I did a window display a few years back and created something that could roughly be described as an artists profile except it actually said very little and the photo of me wouldn’t have been recognised by anyone who knew me! I’m not someone who likes to shout about myself but the profile board at least give the opportunity for people to see my name and websites etc
        I think there is a learning curve with any exhibition. The main thing is you are getting your work out there, its visible and people can enjoy it. The Blue Moon Cafe is always very busy so is a great place to have shown your artwork. I hope you got a few sales from it. If you didn’t it will have put your work on peoples radar and that is something you can build on.
        I’m sure our paths will cross one day when I’m out with my camera…
        Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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