I’m still keeping a lookout for old scrapbook covers and these two turned up recently. “The Better Scrapbook” seems to date from the Thirties going by the typeface and illustration. I like the idea of it being just ‘better’ rather than ‘the best’ too!  In case the buyer didn’t quite know what a scrapbook is for, the massive pair of scissors and a giant pot of paste provide a huge hint. It was published as part of the grandly named McCorquodale Bigger Value Books Series. The owner of this scrapbook kept it going during World War 2, and filled it with newspaper cuttings relating to the progress of the war.

Vintage scrap book

Twenty years later and a world of difference, with young teenager John Burton filling his “Scraps” scrapbook with the pin-up pages from pop magazines of the time, Fab and Jackie, plus a few of his own drawings, carefully dated 1964. The sketchy cover illustration (and the pale blue background) looks to be late Fifties, and reminded me of the sort of work which adorned my school reading books as a kid, Janet and John in particular. And despite the image update the scissors and the glue pot are still there.
More retro scrapbook covers on the site.

Vintage scrap book


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