nick robinson, chris meloche, martin archer, september 2016The Easy On The Eye living room has been turned into a gallery space for the annual Open Studio events, but this is the first time we’ve tried having a concert performance here.  My Canadian friend Chris Meloche works in the electronica improvised music sphere and was staying for a few days. He took part in a multi artist improved evening elsewhere in Sheffield, but fancied trying something a little more laid back, hence this low-power trio evening.
The three musicians were Chris, with guitarist and looping effects man Nick Robinson, and one of the city’s best known and pioneering left-field musicians Martin Archer (who runs Discus Records).  Check out their various websites for more.
As we didn’t want this hitting social media up front, it was just a few friends of the players who came along to watch what was basically two intense half hours jams. I would imagine the video footage will be online sometime soon, I was left in charge of the camera for the second half but failed to prevent people walking past to grab another of the home-made cakes…
There was no lighting as such, we just unscrewed some of the bulbs and left a couple on above the group, so it was a case of long exposures, high ISO ratings, and hope for the best.
No complaints from the neighbours so far (let’s face it, the trio were no louder than me playing vinyl!), so we might be tempted to try this again sometime.
The photograph shows l-r Nick, Chris and Martin.  I cannot imagine the fifty year old Ercol day-bed has ever seen anything quite like this, but luckily we just re-webbed it ourselves so it is nice to perch.


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