Tower 1.jpg

Over in Manchester a few weeks back, this imposing concrete high rise block caught my eye as we were down by the Cathedral.  Today the whole area is full of redevelopment work of varying quality, but I’m not sure any of the new buildings will last like this has. I like the shaped edges to the windows, echoed by the protruding concrete shape above them. It opened in 1966 and was designed by Leach, Rhodes & Walker.
Apparently the head of the RIBA has this down as one of his top two target buildings to get demolished in the city!  The other is the awful Arndale centre which I agree was a real blow to the city. I had to watch fantastic buildings being ripped down to make way for it when I was at college just round the corner, but I think he’s got it very wrong on the tower.
Hopefully it will survive, and a future owner might take off the awful Premier Inn cladding which is very out of place;  built for the Inland Revenue, it is now part hotel, with apartments higher up. I have a feeling I know someone who worked there for IR, I must quiz him.

Chethams library.jpg

I was passing by on my way to visit Chetham’s library, which as a building could not be a greater contrast. Britain’s oldest purpose built library, and still functioning as such.  A  miraculous survival from the 1600s, especially given everything which has gone on around it. Out of the leaded windows, I realised I could see the tower.  And while I was trying to get the view I wanted, I also spotted these lovely Victorian ink bottles gathering dust on the window ledge.

ink pots 8378.jpg


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