Mac book and studio display, easy on the eye

Here’s a shot of part of the easy on the eye desktop while the corrections to the layout of a book called Yes Dialogue was being organised for ST33Books. The office has always been Mac based, but I was inspired to take this by an old colour photo I found of the same part of the room from about ten years ago.  These days the larger G4 and G5 Macs are used less often, and most of the day to day work is done on the two laptops.  One of the G4s is now permanently anchored to an older Nikon slide scanner as the software is no longer supported, so it’s expensive to get it working on a newer machine. I have a G5 too which I’m thinking of warming up to do some video editing on if Final Cut Elements will still run on it.
The laptops are linked to the larger Mac studio monitor for split screening for the more critical stages of the project where the extra screen area is invaluable.  The Mac studio display has always looked really stylish, and is still great to use, even though this example dates from circa 2001. I keep meaning to see if I can find the Cinema version at an affordable price as they were even cooler. It is hard to source the special DVI adapter which Mac once sold for these to work with a Mac laptop but our IT providers found one in a box of odds and ends at their office a few years ago to enable us to connect it all up. It seemed steep at £60 then but apparently they fetch big bucks on auction sites now!
One day I must get one of my mono Mac Classics set up too and see if I can find some old floppy drive games for it. I never used one for work, but did do my first Mac training on one years ago when they were state of the art and when a friend was getting rid of his many years back couldn’t resist archiving it for him.


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