Lego Wheels box 314

I do like a bit of vintage Lego; it’s the packaging which takes me back to my childhood – after all many of the actual bricks are still in production today. This accessory pack (“Large & Small Wheels & Turn-Table”) is one I found recently, and was designed to add function to a basic starter brick set.  The contents could be bought separately in small pocket money packs, but were here put together in a pricey (Lego have never been cheap) Christmas present size box.

Lego wheels set 1963

One of my favourite aspects of these old sets are the vintage photographs of the children (and sometimes adults) playing with the bricks inside.  By contrast the actual box cover is quite prosaic, with a technical drawing style illustration, but quite typical of Lego’s educational approach to play at the time. And while many of Lego’s sets today have very flashy photographic artwork, they still do issue a wheels set which doesn’t look too dissimilar to this 1963 original.

There are pictures of rival Airfix Betta Builder packages on the site.

Lego Education set wheels


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