Rivelin valley sheffield

I was trying to catch early morning sun on the windows of these houses from the green belt fields below our property the other week, but once I looked at the resulting photographs the image did start to suggest the march of development, thanks to the two tower blocks in the distance and indeed the ribbon development of the sunlit post-war houses themselves.  Back in the Sixties, the local authority was keen to build estates right out in this part of the city, but a dedicated local campaign managed to persuade them otherwise. Personally I’m not against a bit more housing but it’s the insipid nature of such infill and the disregard of local infrastructure that drives me nuts.  It is even more strange given the adventurous nature of some of the inner city houses they are allowing (some of which have rightly won awards.). But then those are on council estates and regulated, not just thrown out to private developers who can’t see beyond faux Victoriana these days.  They are wanting to squeeze 88 houses onto an old brick works further out from where this photo was taken.  Rather than try and adapt to the existing abandoned buildings and skylines with an interesting semi-industrial look, it’s just off the peg designs as usual, no provision for older people, and another 150 cars onto an already bottle necked road system. They blandly suggest the kids could walk to the local school. “But it is already over-subscribed,” was one response; the developer hadn’t even bothered to check.


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