It would be difficult to find a greater contrast between these two designs which adorn boxes of Ilford photographic paper.  The earlier one (which I cannot date exactly, but looks late Forties going by the typefaces) clearly resembles the colours of their rival Kodak a little too much (I’m not sure which went with the yellow, red and black combo first.) I quite like the random wave edge applied to the Ilford logo itself.

Ilford photographic film box 1950

By the Seventies the firm had gone for a new look which relied on a mostly white background instead.  The logo is a stylised sun design, after which it’s just down to the type again.  This look was applied to most of their film products, and this box has somehow survived from my own college days serving to store odds and ends in.  It’s actually line film sheets (black or white, no grey), which we used in fixed plate cameras to photograph artwork back then to prepare it for printing. The product has a nice technical look which suits the purpose but it’s interesting that the box seals which carry the exact details of the contents are quite similar across the years.  Using these the package could be repurposed for a number of different films or papers simply by applying a different sticker and the trick seems to go right back to the earliest days of photographic packaging.

Ilford photographic film box 1970

For more vintage box packaging on the site see this page.


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