Popular Photography August 1963

Knowing my fondness for most things retro, Tim Campbell teased me with this magazine cover recently, wanting me to guess the date. “1963?” I ventured (August proved beyond me!).  It’s an American magazine, Popular Photography, but as happened a lot back then, a number of copies were overprinted with a sterling price and shipped over to the U.K. for sale.
But really it is so much of the time; the striped Beach Boys era top, the bare midriff, and the way the text has been wrapped around the lollypop (probably by setting it in a circle then photographing it at an angle on line film with as much depth of field as possible to keep it sharp.)
These days magazine editors just slap text across every inch of a magazine cover in as many fonts as possible and make a real mess of the photo beneath.  Here they’ve worked with the image and left it at that, even the feature title has been slightly angled to match the stripes.  The photographer was Jerry White.
Thanks to Tim for the image. He only bought it for the article inside on sub-miniature cameras, or so he says!


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