Skegness Pier print, All The Fun

All The Fun, Skegness Pier. Print. Simon Robinson, Easy On The Eye


This new print has been selected for an upcoming exhibition in Sheffield at the Cupola Gallery, Colour Code, which opens on June 10th (more details below.)

All The Fun : The desolation of some coastal towns over winter has always attracted artists, writers and photographers, as has indeed the garish nature of thriving seaside attractions at the height of the season. I’ve found myself in Skegness off season a few times lately researching the history of commercial street portrait photography there (more about this can be found on a dedicated site, Go Home On A Postcard), and was drawn to this astonishingly industrial part of the current pier, dating from the 1970s.

Skegness Pier, 1920s, walking dog, seaside holiday.

The original Victorian pier buildings were of their time (the view above shows the shelters in the centre of the pier), and replaced in the 1930s by a clean art deco entrance.  This was so good it was eventually made a listed building, but in the 1970s the owners illegally demolished it anyway (claiming they didn’t know about the listing) for a mostly rubbish redevelopment, elements of which survive to this day. While now fading, the paint has been protected by acrylic lettering for a while. Now this has gone, leaving a ghost image and words which are in stark contrast to the actual structure.

It was not an easy image to capture as I wanted, with lots of clutter in the way. I needed to take a number of photographs to capture all the detail and then corrected the perspective to get the flat facade view I wanted, and montaged the results together. This final image was reduced to black and white before the colours of the building surfaces were brought back in to hand masked areas as flat washes.

Copies of the limited edition print can be purchased through the Easy On The Eye shop.

About the exhibitionhttp://www.cupolagallery.com/events/

  • Sat, Jun 10, 2017 to Sat, Jul 22, 2017

Colour Code is a selected mixed group show of work across media.

Colours are used universally to denote everything from emotions, political affiliation and identity, to how to wire a plug. We will showcase a broad spectrum of intepretations from artists who make work where ‘colour’ is a key consideration. In addition, there are a number of talks through the exhibition discussing various aspects of colour.


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