Kodak Film Wallet, 1960s

I do like printed ephemera, and photo wallets are a good example; essentially paper envelopes designed to take home a set of prints in, and then discarded. Inevitably many people never got round to putting their prints in an album, so these wallets can survive way beyond their intended life-span.

Kodak childrens party

The illustrations on many of them were likewise never designed to be given much thought, small but detailed pen drawings done by mostly unknown commercial illustrators. This Kodak wallet which dates from the early Sixties is typical. The children’s Christmas party drawing is tiny, just 6cms across, but full of detail. Father is naturally holding a Kodak camera with flash attachment (a reference picked up by the text on the wallet back), but otherwise it could be from a children’s book or comic. I assume the same in-house illustrator did the larger cover drawing. The chunky outline is very much of the time and I like the way they’re shown holding the same photo wallet they appear on.

Kodak film wallet

The Kodak house colours obviously figure large, and the wallet itself has spaces designed in to give the processor space for order details and room (not used in this case) to rubber stamp their name and address details on the front. The wallets would be free to Kodak stockists and updated every couple of years.
There are some more older photo wallets on the site, including a vintage Kodak one.  There is a nice Kodak Brownie box from the 60s on the site as well.


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