Messerschmitt wreck for fish tank

I do often wonder at what people will spend their money on (says he having just bought a bundle of old paper shopping bags at a market this morning.)  Although I don’t have one I like fishtanks as much as the next person, but apart from the fish a few rocks and pebbles plus a bit of plant life would probably do. Others like to add treasure chests, lighthouses and brightly coloured ornaments – as if the fish weren’t somehow enough.
But a German WW2 fighter?  Seeing this surreal sight in a pet shop at a country house garden centre the other weekend I struggled to make sense of it, but couldn’t. And you do wonder what any German visitors might feel.  The store didn’t have any for actual sale, but the web provided the following useful information…

“This Messerschmitt wreck makes an interesting addition to any aquarium. By 1939 it was the main fighter of the Luftwaffe and was instrumental in gaining air superiority for the Wehrmacht during the Blitzkrieg. Made from resin, this aquatic ornament is safe for use in any freshwater aquarium or fish tank and is suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater. Something interesting for your fish to explore!”

In fact there seem to be several different wrecked planes to choose from online, so maybe people in Germany go for the Mustang fighter option…


3 thoughts on “Crashed

  1. Clearly a Bf 109 F-4 from Jagdgeschwader 52 (used on the Eastern Front), I find the notion that such a plane operated in areas likely to contain tropical fish to be highly implausible, one might even say laughable. Were the tank to contain such species as cod or haddock, then a more realistic scenario could be created reflecting the A&BC card “a watery doom” with remarkable verisimilitude.

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