Sirdar woman's knitting pattern 2364

A trio of knitting patterns from the Easy On The Eye collection.  The Lavenda one not only predates text abbreviation in the name, but is a good example of the careful studio shots which most wool manufacturers employed to show off the patterns. In this case for gloves and hoods. It is so nice we used it for a Christmas card one year.  Our best guess is 1940s.

Lavenda knitting pattern 255

More strange mittens on the Templeton’s pattern; the photo looks 1940s as well but the type is clearly from the Sixties, as is the Bri-Nylon logo (a complete contrast to the vintage Ayr Wool thistle logo in the corner.)  Knitting wool companies often kept patterns going for decades, updating the price as needs be.  We just liked the smiley face pair.

Templeton's knitting pattern 1465

Lastly a proper Sixties example (top) ; the flat studio backdrop, a nice grid for text and information, and the very chunky crochet and knit jumper. This has a 7.5p price, so must have been updated to take care of decimal around 1969. I suspect the photographer would have bounced a bit more flash about these days to loose the deep shadows but otherwise a nice design overall.
Most of this material is uncredited so we’ll never know the models or photographers.


2 thoughts on “Crochet and knit

  1. I would think nearer to February 1971 as much before that date it would most likely have had dual pricing?

  2. That makes sense, there was quite a lot of dual pricing during the decimal switch over wasn’t there? Amazingly we bumped into a Sirdar rep in a shop the other day, so asked her to try and get me a contact at the firm to discuss their archive.

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