Letraset Vintage Letramarker felt pen, 1970s

This stubby little 3″ high marker pen turned up while I was having a bit of a clear out of one of my pen drawers. After treating myself to a new set of Staedtler coloured pens it made sense to bin the ones which no longer worked. The Letramarker probably dates from the early 70s. These things were far too expensive for me as a kid, but sometimes my father would sneak some nearly used up ones home from his office. I did later buy a few for art college projects.
The Letramarker was a professional product aimed at designers, and offered a large range of co-ordinated colours to help with visuals and packaging mock-ups. They also sold sheets of matching flat adhesive colours which could be cut with a craft knife and used for a really professional look.
The body of the felt pen is actually glass, with the sun design and white background shrink-wrapped onto it. Over that the colour details – in this case Ice Blue P63 – are shrink-wrapped on a second plastic sheet.
The top seems fairly well stuck on now, so I’ll leave it as is. From what I recall the fumes from the ink were fairly strong! Letraset later brought out a range of pro felt pens tied to the Pantone ink range, called the Promarker, and these had a fine tip at one end, and a flat one at the other. Letraset was bought out in 2014 and recently the new owners have shelved the famous name, rebranding the felt pens with the Winsor & Newton logo instead.



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