Thor comic issue 150

As far as I am concerned there only ever was one comic master, and he was Jack Kirby.  I read the early Marvel comics as a kid and loved his work, then when my kid brother discovered his new work a generation later, I discovered it all over again.  Kirby also fought a lot of battles in his life to get better rights for artists, and those battles carried on after his death as Marvel Studios began the successful film series, and sought not to pay the Kirby estate for the characters he’d developed. Happily the situation is now resolved, so the new film in the Thor series finally sees Kirby get a proper on screen credit (rather than being buried away in the technical small print.)  But it also means the art teams behind the film can finally let rip on exploiting Kirby’s imagination big time.  So for Kirby admirers the new Thor film is chock full of stuff from the pages of his 1960s art and it will take me another viewing to take it all in (though they have seriously made Loki over for the screen!).  However, the moment Cate Blanchett steps on screen there was only ever one comic cover that costume was lifted from, and it was astonishing to see it brought to life. Jack would have been 100 this year, so sadly he was not around to see this, but for his fans it does produce an awful lot of emotion.  Needless to say the audience these movies are aimed at are unlikely to have heard of the man, but hopefully they will be tempted to seek out the reprinted comics and get stuck in.

Cate Blanchett, Thor, Jack Kirby



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