Posterstamps Limited

I always like printed ephemera, so enjoyed looking through a box of material a neighbour loaned me recently, catalogues and the like which he’d saved from his father’s 1930s toy shop in Sheffield. This sheet of posters is an example, made and sold specially to cut out and use on O Gauge railways layouts. You could buy scaled down metal poster boards to give a bit of life to station buildings, and these were cut out and pasted on.
Quite who or what the firm of Posterstamps were I’m not sure, but it could be that they made those ‘cinderella’ advertising stamps to advertise commercial events and products which were so popular before the war. Firms would have these printed and stuck on envelopes like real stamps.

O guage

What I like about this little sheet, which was a free sample in one of the railway modelling magazines in the 1930s, is the very basic image which results from the poster being reduced so drastically in size and printed cheaply on letterpress, often out of register (as above.) Unwittingly perhaps this is about all the detail you take in as you blast past them on a train. But such is the strength of the product that they all remain very identifiable; seven of these brands are still going of course (including Jersey!).
One collector has made an attempt to catalogue the miniature signs sold by Triang during the Fifties and Sixties, including these lovely reproduction holiday ones (which were 27 by 37mm size). As the originals change hands for hundreds or more, maybe these would be a cheap alternative to collect, they’d certainly be easier to display!
Needless to say today things have become a bit more sophisticated, and you can buy packs of adverts for your layouts from different decades, and even as downloads to print out yourself.

Margate, Ramsgate


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