rock band Yes. Interviews book.

(Text updated Jan 2017 to include new edition of the book). This was an interesting design challenge; a book of unpublished interviews with members of the rock band Yes. Initial ideas centred on the idea of a vintage typewriter look, harking back to the way most interviews were transcribed once upon a time (I was still using my heavyweight Adler for this into the mid-80s). I overlaid an appropriate typeface across an old press photo but as the compiler pointed out this book covered so many different musicians that just using one line-up on the front might give the wrong impression. He was also quite keen to see the famous Roger Dean band logo on the cover too.
There were some arguments against. A huge fan of Dean’s work myself,  nevertheless his logo is perhaps as locked in to both the band’s history and the times as would be a photo. Interestingly when we delved further we discovered that the logo was still part owned by Dean. Apparently back in the early seventies he did the artwork and offered to sell it to their manager for a couple of hundred quid. The manager refused and instead offered Dean a small royalty instead. So forty years on he still earns form it.

rock band Yes. Interviews book.

I then took a look at the band’s first album, which by coincidence I’d been researching not long ago (you can read about it here on the ST33 site). The speech balloon seemed ideal to reinforce the spoken word / interview content and the author agreed . From there it was a case of refining the design. As always less is more, and the final version was then used for a mock up of the book on the publisher’s website.

rock band Yes. Interviews book. Jon Kirkman

The book came out in 2012 but in 2017 a new edition was prepared as a softback under a new title, Yes : Dialogue. A new cover design was needed and I put one together during 2016.

Yes Dialogue second edition

The author had secured permission to use the official classic Yes logo, so the cover made use of this, but tried to move away from the usual sort of look associated with the band. In between times Roger Dean heard about the project and told the author he had actually once done a design for an actual album of the same name, and would he like to use this for the new edition?  It seemed ideal and over the next few months I was in touch with Roger who finally tracked down and scanned the artwork. As it was his design, it was decided to go with the cover as originally intended for the album, which included a different version of the Yes logo. The image below shows the front and back cover for the new edition, published in January 2017. You can read about the book on the publisher’s website. THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT.

Roger Dean artwork


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