I Spy outside cover.jpg

I-Spy and News Chronicle capitalised on the popularity of the books by starting a daily I-Spy column in the paper, with accomplished illustrations by ‘WHB’, who is not yet identified.
Redskins could cut these out and collect them up and a special album (with a cover design showing a montage of illustrations from the books) was sold to paste them in to. As with the books, the album suggests points could be accumulated if you saw any of the subjects shown in the column. Despite this, none of the articles actually mention the points, and as the book was not designed to be sent in for certification, perhaps this idea was quickly abandoned.
But Big Chief did give prizes for interesting letters, the catch being that you could only get the prize if you saw your name in the paper and wrote in to claim it, attaching a token from the paper; a sure way to drive pester power. Prizes were I-Spy pens, notebooks and even an I-Spy glider.
This album, which is around the old fashioned quarto page size, dates from 1955 (though the cover design looks more modern) and was collected by John Wilson in Cambridge. The cuttings seem to be from an I-Spy Britain project; no such book title was ever issued but if enough of the articles could be found this might be a nice title to put together.
I don’t know if the I-Spy album was ever updated but as the News Chronicle closed in 1960 it seems unlikely.

News Chronicle I Spy album 1955


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