I Spy News Chronicle BirdsA companion range of 1/- books, the I-Spy Colour Series was the same size and actually had the same number of pages as their 6d cousins, but used better, thicker quality paper and some inside pages in full colour. Launched probably in 1952 with the first two titles, the colour series issued two new titles each year for a while. The colour books were all natural history subjects and the aim seems to have been to emulate similar but more expensive offerings from publishers like Ladybird and Observers. Eight titles were issued with the News Chronicle name, and only with the last did they move into more familiar I-Spy territory with In The Garden. When the News Chronicle closed, four further colour titles followed under the Dickens Press name. These were new editions of titles which had originally appeared in the 6d black and white series but been discontinued. The last title came out in 1963 and the 12 books were never numbered. The listing below is the order in which the titles were released. The covers of some of the titles were later updated, and then appeared without the News Chronicle logo. Unlike the 6d series I’ve never seen any colour books with the Daily Mail name inside.

[1] Birds, [2] Wild Flowers, [3] Butterflies & Moths, [4] Wild Fruit & Fungi, [5] Trees, [6] Insects, [7] In Pond & Stream, [8] In The Garden, [9] Horses & Ponies, [10] Zoo Animals, [11] Dogs, [12] Fish & Fishing


2 thoughts on “I-Spy Colour Series

  1. I have discovered that the first two titles of the Colour Series: “Birds” and “Wild Flowers” were published on 1st April 1953 (from Whitaker’s Cumulative Book-list). The next two titles: “Butterflies and Moths” and “Wild Fruits and Fungi” were published on 2nd June 1954; followed by “Trees” and “Insects” on 20th May 1955. I have not yet accurately dated the last two in the initial series (of 8 titles) but think they may have come out together in 1956.

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