Becoming an I-Spy club member was made particularly easy. Membership kits were designed and sold alongside the books from the early 1950s right through into the early 1980s. The contents varied over that time but would typically include a sample book, badge, the I-Spy Secret Code book, and a membership card which was numbered. The packs are hard to document as so few survive intact and complete. We will post what we have here.

I-Spy membership kit

1981 Membership Kit

[Above] By this time the membership pack was somewhat reduced. It contained a special I-Spy Starter Book, with pages taken from across the series. This book had been published at least as early as 1976 and could also be purchased separately. It contained a list of all the titles in the series. As the kit cost 50p and the Starter Book was 35p on it’s own, this wasn’t bad value for money.
The pack also contained the latest Membership and Code Book. The example in this kit is dated 1977 which probably shows that it was not updated much.  Inside there were a selection of different secret codes, and the artwork appears to have been cut and pasted together from older books, with some new pages.
The once separate membership card was now printed on the back cover, but was still numbered. The I-Spy badge completed the kit (although is not mentioned on the paper cover sheet.)
There was still a daily I-Spy column in The Daily Mail. To fully join, you needed to decode a message in the newspaper, and send this along with your details in on a postcard. Big Chief would then send you an order of merit to prove you were enrolled.

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