I-Spy Aircraft News Chronicle

[1]  News Chronicle – cover in colour (red jet fighter). 195-

“Here’s a brand new I Spy Aircraft to help you recognise today’s modern beauties…” “I bet it’s a De Havilland,” cried Jill (Girls are pretty good at spotting ‘planes).
Given the fairly fast-moving world of aircraft development in the two decades after the war, it’s perhaps not surprising that I-Spy had to keep tweaking this title to prevent it going out of date. The first book was quite forward looking, full of exotic looking jet fighters, but had to be completely revised for the second News Chronicle version a couple of years later (which was quite short lived), swopping the dramatic red Hawker Hunter for a rather more recognisable airport runway scene. The cover was tweaked for the first Dickens Press printing, with our I-Spy boy Jack added. Further changes were made in the fourth edition to keep things up to date. On the cover our I-Spy boy (Jill didn’t appear!) was redrawn and the helicopter in the background changed. In the inner pages, out went the Boeing B47 bomber, in came the Boeing B52 and the controversial Lockheed Starfighter (making the Avro Shackleton on the following page seem very vintage indeed). These changes mirrored guides like The Observers Books which also had to update their aircraft title regularly.
In the 1968 revamp, I-Spy split the content and went for two aircraft titles, civil and military.

I Spy Aircraft News Chronicle

[2]  News Chronicle – cover redrawn (BEA airliner), content inside changed and updated. 1960

I Spy Aircraft

[3]  Daily Mail / Dickens Press – News Chronicle removed from cover. 1961

I Spy Aircraft

[4]  Daily Mail / Dickens Press – Some inside revisions. 1964


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