I-Spy Cars News Chronicle

[1]  News Chronicle – cover in colour. 1954 [?]

“With I-Spy Cars you’ll get some fun wherever you are. On her way to the dentist a Redskin spotted a vintage Bentley, and it cheered up even that doleful journey.”
Cars spotting was a popular hobby for children, and two car spotting titles had featured in the original 1948 I-Spy Spotterbook series.
Like I-Spy Aircraft, this title was updated more than some, and again there are two News Chronicle editions. The first has an unidentified yellow two seater racing across the front. Inside a couple of cars are introduced as 1953 models, which gives us a clue to the print date, though many of the vehicles inside are pre-war – and a massive 38 points for spotting a Ford Model T. The revised edition from 1959 had almost entirely new content and reflected the advances in design and styling over the decade. A more sedate street scene now appeared on the front (again an unidentified saloon car), which remained for the rest of the title’s life. A third version without the News Chronicle name, and a final edition followed.

I-Spy Cars News Chronicle

[2]  News Chronicle – cover redrawn (see above), content inside changed and updated. 1959
[3]  Daily Mail / Dickens Press – News Chronicle removed from cover. 1961 [?]
[4]  Daily Mail / Dickens Press – Some inside revisions. 1964 [?]

There were two other I-Spy motoring related titles – Road Transport and Motorcycles.  Priory Tea also did an I-Spy Cars series.

I_Spy Cars Priory Tea card


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