I Spy childrens book The Sights of London

[1]  News Chronicle – cover in colour. 195-

“Palaces and Police Stations, a needle and a rest!” A very well organised title, with a street map in the middle and all the sights marked up so you could stand a decent chance of scoring enough points to become a Londoner Second Class even as a short stay visitor.
The covers changed between News Chronicle editions one (which had a horseguard on) and two (the statue of Eros).  As best as I can see all the entries could still score easy points today except perhaps for a “porter’s rest” (for porters to lean their baskets on for a breather).
This title also made it into the revamped 1968 series (to be covered later) and is also part of the current revamped Michelin range.

Sights of London 3

[2]  News Chronicle – cover changed. 195-

I Spy News Chronicle The Sights of London

[3]  Daily Mail / Dickens Press. 1962

Someone on the web has actually taken a later ediition of the book and done a walk round London looking at the sights and seeing what is still there.  Go on over to Ipernity to check this out, great fun!


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