phone booth library

I’m sure I’m not living in the only local authority district where libraries are being run down, hived off to be run by unpaid volunteers, or threatened with closure.  Our lot can find half a million to splash out on the Tour de France next year but want to shut 15 libraries.
One village in Worcestershire I was walking through earlier in the year has come up with their own rudimentary solution, fixing up a redundant telephone kiosk with shelves which are stocked with donated books for people to borrow and return. What might work in a small village (which is unlikely ever to have had a library anyway) is hardly something which would work round here (some chump would be torching it before you could say Man Booker Prize).

phone booth library

Still it did make me stop and look. I might get some of those hard core Mills & Boons style paperbacks off the market and sneak them in next time I’m down that way and then call the Daily Mail….

phone booth library


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