292 prince of wales road sheffield

I’m not sure what the present incumbent of that title would make of the place today, but I kept seeing this empty shop every time I was driving up the Prince Of Wales Road in Sheffield, number 292 in a small crescent of shops built when the estate was developed in the 1930s. Apart from the bright colours,  unusually somebody had taken the time to paint out the shop name from the speech bubble fascia before quitting (I’ve since learned it was a small mini market chain called The Local.) Eventually I got round to stopping and photographing it with an idea of making a print of the shop (much to the amusement of some of the locals who wandered by). Not long after I took the photo, someone took over the shop and reopened it as a second hand white goods sales and repairs shop, which makes a change from the patchy fast food outlets which seemed to occupy most of the parade of shops when I was there. Still I’m glad I made the effort to take the image before this happened.
For the print I took away the colour, reduced the image to black and white, then built it back one colour at a time in hand masked layers to try and capture something of the bright shop front which had originally caught my eye.

More new prints at the gallery.


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