Based in Sheffield I am interested in the history of the factories which helped establish the city.  This set of Decca 78rpm record player needles is just one of the uses to which steel produced in Sheffield was put. From this to the naval guns which armed the WW1 Dreadnoughts.  I loved the idea of using a different size needles to vary the volume, and the fact that they were designed for one use. Today Decca is known – if at all – as a record label, but once the firm produced a wide range of electrical goods, radios, record players and televisions. A shop in Litchfield found several unopened trade boxes of pre-War Decca branded needles recently. The print here is based on the packaging, which was scanned then reduced to separate monochrome layers, each given strong flat colours to reference those on the original lids, then layered back together.  It belongs with other prints of mine which draw inspiration from the music industry, there is a gallery on the site. They still had their paper seals to prevent tampering, I used the text from this to title the print. Available as a limited edition print from the easy on the eye shop.

Decca gramophone needles tin, Sheffield steel

Decca Needles