single sleeves made out of old wallpapers, recycling

I found these homemade record sleeves a while ago.  The sleeves, designed to hold 7″ singles, had been made from pieces of left over wallpaper, cut and folded, sellotaped at the edges then with a roughly circular hole cut to show the labels through. Research showed that the wallpaper was probably produced in the early sixties. As all records came with their own bags, I’m not sure why someone would want to do this except for the fun of it. That craft afternoon fifty years ago inspired the print. I tried putting records in the bag but the label designs clashed and looked out of place. They work better on their own. The titling came from a contemporary wallpaper advert.  There is clearly a design link with the album Do It Yourself by Ian Dury, which used wallpaper designs on the cover, but these came first!

Please note that the grey border is NOT on the print. Prints are 70cms X 50cms. More details at the easy on the eye online shop.



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