VINYL SPINES – THIRTY THREE & ONE THIRD – Preparing a design for a book about album art, I wanted the spine to look like sleeves stacked on a shelf. I spent time photographing boxes of albums in varying lighting conditions. I was struck by the abstract nature of the linear patterns which emerged in the photos, particularly in bright sunlight. The print is the result of working further on a number of the images which were brought together to produce one long ‘shelf’ of spines. From a distance it appears to be a series of subtly varying vertical strips; it is only when you get much closer that you actually discover what the print is all about. I have since done two colour variations of the design which are designed to be seen from a distance at first and bleed to the edge of the paper.

album sleeve record spines album sleeve record spines

Please note that the grey border and ST33 logo is NOT on the print. Prints are 70cms X 50cms. More details at the easy on the eye online shop.


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