Joseph Pickering & Sons Sheffield packaging manufacturers, 1928

Joseph Pickering is a company name which many in Sheffield of a certain age will recall, and they supplied boxes and packaging to any number of the manufacturing firms in the City.
This lovely little card box is a nice promotional item produced by the firm in 1928 for a local Industries Week event. At that time their prime business was actually polish and cleaning pastes, begun back in 1824 (as Needham’s, the name changing when a female owner married Joseph Pickering.)
Their best known product was Blanco (a cleaning and colouring agent used by the military), and they took on the manufacture of tins and boxes for their own products and then offered the same for others.
I remember their very elaborate factory well, built by the firm in 1906, where the packaging business relocated and carried on after the polish side was ended in the 1960s.
Pickerings lasted into the 1980s on the site by which time council policies were forcing a lot of firms out of the city centre. Pickerings relocated and are still going today.
The factory, a rare survival of a purpose built late Victorian office, was thought worthy of preservation. And survive it does, just. Rather than respect the edifice and find another use for it, the entire block was redeveloped, with a really nasty fourth floor extension plonked on top of the original Pickering offices. See the before and after pictures below which I found on the web!

Joseph Pickering factory 1906 Sheffield

Pickrings factory Sheffield today