This second selection of stocking packets are from the Fifties and Sixties. This was a period when Poodles were the height of sophistication!  The dog inspires one brand of stockings, and is also seen on the Brigitte packet. By this time colour printing was the norm, and both illustrations and photographs were used by the firms to make their packet stand out more.
The Firefly design is very much of the Sixties, and even the name DJs plays on the celebrity status of the radio stars of the time.
The Pretty Polly box makes much of their wonderful floral logo which they used for a long time (it was introduced in 1962 after a merger and replaced their earlier Parrot logo! It has since been replaced). By contrast the Sansusi and Superior packets feature less accomplished commercial illustrations. The poor woman on the latter packet looks particularly disfigured but the aspirational bungalow ranch style home shows what could be possible for buyers of the brand.

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