The third selection covers the far more mundane packet designs of the Seventies and Eighties, when most manufacturers went over to photographic images. Once that happened, it became difficult to glamorise what was often a rather everyday product and the results were mixed. The Aristoc packet is very raw, with just the hint of design in the snazzy looking stool the model is trying to balance on. Other brands went for models dressed in just a top and tights such at the Claudia and Gerny packets, both European brands. Gorivo also hails from abroad, at a time when budget shops in the UK were aiming to undercut British manufacturers. What was probably quite a well taken photograph ends up looking quite low-end thanks to the cheap quality of the reproduction work and print.
Elbeo and Pretty Polly try for a little more upmarket sophistication, with an arty landscape photo and a split length evening dress, although the latter plays almost second fiddle to the mass of text and information.

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