I-Spy In Hospital news chronicle

In an age when many more children had spells in hospital, this I-Spy book may have helped lessen the stress and take young patient’s minds off the ordeal. It’s packed with images of the different staff, and pages of retro looking hospital machinery and instruments. All the way through the tone is decidedly cheery and upbeat. And Big Chief I-Spy even suggests that it’s better to be leaving hospital before you have a chance to earn enough points for your Hospital Keen Eye certificate. Some nice touches include a diary to record your stay in hospital and a blank window for you to draw the view out of your ward.

I-Spy In Hospital

The book was revamped quite considerably for the third edition, with many new or updated illustrations, though it has to be said the quality of these wasn’t up to the usual standard. The Dickens Press edition was printed with the regular 6d price on but my copy has a 9d sticker over it, a price increase which came right at the end of the series.

[1]  News Chronicle. 1959
[2]  Daily Mail / Dickens Press – News Chronicle removed from cover. 1961 [?]
[3]  Dickens Press – 1963


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