I Spy Roadmaking news chronicle

Back to a largely vanished streetscape for this title, full of fascinating and very specialist vintage machinery and vehicles. And while some of these vehicles may survive in commercial preservation circles, I suspect a few may have gone for ever. Hand propelled vibrating rollers, concrete finishing machines and calf-dozers were not exactly going to set restoration enthusiast’s hearts going. Some of the hand held tools such as pneumatic drills and petrol driven road rammers still feature in many street repairs, and as here many operators still probably don’t bother with gloves, hearing protection or hard-hats.  I especially like the scene of a road having been dug up leaving a car parked on an isolated tarmac island, well worth 40 points. Even that is outdone by the 50 points available for spotting a tractormount roller, an amazing contraption which allows a farm tractor to drive up a ramped device and turn it into a road roller (plus another 45 points if you see it going back down the built in ramp – a real red-letter day!).
The title was kept in print, so may have been updated for the later edition/s.

[1]  News Chronicle. 1956 [?]
[2]  Daily Mail / Dickens Press – News Chronicle removed from cover. 1961 [?]
[3]  Dickens Press – 1963


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